Strategy Analysis Process

Milano strategy is based on understanding its business drivers such as growth factors affecting the building and construction market. Our key sales market is the UAE and other GCC countries. Our facility uses Italian state of art machines and tools to produce high quality products manufactured to International standards. The technology is provided with world class research and development infrastructure.

Strategy Development Process

Armed with all market information and data noted earlier, our senior management teams, led by our Managing Director, meet annually to review our vision, mission, values, past performance, our manufacturing capacity, our human resource capability to arrive at our long, medium and short-term target and budget allocation for the year ahead. The team meets regularly to review progress against the plan.

Governed by our manufacturing capability, our organizational targets are cascaded down to other departments such as sales, marketing, manufacturing and purchasing. Our sales order processing, purchase order processing, production and finance are maintained through integrated ERP system.

Strategy Implementation Process

We place high emphasis on implementing our strategies in our efforts to achieve its vision. Our key processes are controlled and regularly reviewed and improved, in order to ensure the most efficient route to this aim. As an organization committed to excellence we believe that our strategy must be communicated to all our dealers, therefore, our team communicates our vision, mission and values, targets and strategic plans to our key distributors and dealers as part of their regular contacts to review sales targets, which represent an integral part towards implementing our strategy. Our marketing team communicates our vision, mission through our company website, company’s profile, corporate brochures, social and digital media.